in Gwynedd…..

  1. Picnic Island – pretty little pebbly beach, very peaceful with a little bit of low tide sand.
  2. Aberdovey – fabulous stretch of white sand – busy in village where there is car parking and facilities, nice atmosphere. Seasonal dog ban.
  3. Aberdovey – just around the corner lovely stretch of dune backed white sand. Popular for wind sports and walks along to Tywyn and beyond. Dog friendly. No facilities but a bit of parking along main road and wander over golf course and dunes. Highly recommended.
  4. Cemetery Beach, Aberdovey – continuation of fabulous sand beach. No facilities and walk from lay by to beach over dunes. Highly recommended.
  5. Tywyn – continues on from Cemetery Beach though now pebble backed and few pebbles on beach. No facilities but dog friendly.
  6. Tywyn Village Beach – Tywyn a bit run down though village beach pretty and sandy at low tide. Seasonal dog ban on part. Beach becomes more stony as you walk beyond village. Facilities.
  7. Tonfanau Station – at low tide you can walk from Tywyn, otherwise very pleasant walk on very quiet coastal road with beautiful mountain views. Remote part sand and part pebble beach. No facilities but dog friendly.
  8. Llwyngwril – there are patches of low tide sand here and there but mostly a very rugged section of coastline with this the first bit that can actually walk by counted as a beach. No facilities – parking up in village.
  9. Fairbourne – village a bit run down but lovely long stretch of low tide pebble backed sand. By village busy in summer. Facilities and dog ban on part.
  10. Afon Mawddach – wonderful wide sandy estuary – it is possible to access these sands in places along the estuary trail. No facilities.
  11. Porth Aberamffra – small sandy inlet on the estuary on the edge of Barmouth. Facilities nearby.
  12. Barmouth Harbour – pretty mostly sandy harbour with lively village of Barmouth behind. Facilities but dog friendly.
  13. Barmouth – lovely long stretch of sandy beach stretching to beyond Harlech at low tide. Busy by village but quieter on the edge of village. Dog ban on part. Facilities.
  14. Llanaber – continuation of Barmouth beach but very quiet as no facilities or parking. Dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  15. Tal-y-Bont – still further along the same beach again quiet and remote.
  16. Bennar Sands – the start of 17 below and separated by river from 15 this long stretch of dune and pebble backed sand. No facilities but small car park – this section has a seasonal dog ban.
  17. Dyffryn Sands – continuing on this lovely beach is all sand and backed by dune Nature Reserve – fab for dog walking. No facilities but dog friendly. Car park through dunes at 16. Highly recommended.
  18. Shell Island – end of lovely sandy beach in 17. Broken bits of shell rather than sand. Not a place to collect whole shells as you might expect. Very remote but campsite immediately behind beach so busier in summer.
  19. Llandanwg – pebble backed then thin strip of low tide sand and then rocks so ok to walk if tides right. Also at low tide can walk from 16 to 20 along beach. Small car park, toilets and cafe. Dog friendly. Tiny little church behind beach worth a visit.
  20. Harlech – long stretch of sandy beach, popular for wind sports. Busy in summer. Access through dunes. Facilities but dog friendly.For beaches in between 20 and 21 see separate page on Lleyn Peninsula.
  21. Foryd Bay Sands – wide sandy estuary – popular for bird watchers but a bit too muddy and weedy for walking on. No facilities but dog friendly. Parking along coast road.
  22. Caernarfon Beach – barely a beach more a gravelly estuary but with lovely backdrop of castle a views of Anglesey. Facilities but dog friendly.