in Pembrokeshire…..

  1. Amroth Sands – long stretch of LT sand – backed with pebble bank, walk alongside no top. Some free parking and facilities. Seasonal dog ban on centre part of beach.
  2. Wisemans Bridge – good stretch of sandy beach with stony parts and many exposed rocks and rock pools. Free parking all along front and few facilities. Dog friendly.
  3. Coppet Hall Beach – far end (east) of Saundersfoot- pretty sandy cove – confusingly marked as summer dog ban but plenty seen on beach. Facilities.
  4. Saundersfoot Bay – pretty sandy beach, busy and with pretty harbour. Plenty of shops, cafes etc and parking. Summer dog ban on most of beach.
  5. Glen Bay – low tide sandy cove, accessible at low tide from Saundersfoot or via some steepish steps. No facilities but few free parking spots at top of steps. Dog friendly.
  6. Monkstone Beach – lovely sandy cove accessed by some steep steps from Coastal path. No facilities and nearest parking about half a mile away (roadside for about 20 cars), here too is a campsite shop and toilets.
  7. Waterwynch Bay – a small, partly private, though fully accessible, stony beach with sand at low tide. No facilities or parking close by, dog friendly. Recommended
  8. First and Second Point beaches – small sandy coves only accessible from North Beach, Tenby at very low water. Dog friendly.
  9. North Beach, Tenby – wide sandy beach with sandy harbour. Facilities and dog friendly.
  10. Harbour Beach – lovely sandy beach with some dry sand. Seasonal dog ban. Facilities.
  11. Castle Beach – lovely sandy beach at town end of South Beach. Busy. Summer dog ban on part of beach. Facilities.
  12. South Beach, Tenby – long sandy stretch of beach, quieter the further from town you get as limited access and quite a walk to get there. Facilities at town end. Dog friendly.
  13. Lydstep Haven – lovely sheltered sandy bay – great for swimming and non surf water sports. Facilities in Holiday Park. NT parking up at Lydstep Head. Part seasonal dog ban. Highly recommended.
  14. Draught Beach (Skomer) – small sandy cove down steep valley – only exposed at lower tides. No facilities- dog friendly.
  15. Shrinkle Haven- pretty sandy cove only fully accessible at low tide – very steep steps down to smaller beach, access to bigger beach at low tide or through a tunnel in rocks. Parking above and cafe at YHA. Dog friendly. Recommended
  16. Presipe Beach – small sandy cove with feature rocky outcrops – accessed by steepish steps from coastal path. No facilities about a mile from Manorbier. Dog friendly.
  17. Manorbier Bay, large sandy, exposed surfing beach. Some dry sand at high tide and rocky outcrops with rock pools. Facilities and dog friendly,
  18. Swanlake Bay – nice sandy cove, dog friendly. No facilities.
  19. Freshwater East – large crescent shaped, sheltered, sandy beach. Parking, toilets and ice cream van – no other facilities. Dog friendly. Recommended.
  20. Stackpole Quay – stony inlet, ideal for launching kayaks, coasteering from here. NT carpark, cafe and toilets. Part of large NT estate. Dog friendly.
  21. Barafundle Bay – large sandy beach, access down steps and steep path. Facilities at Stackpole Quay, 15mins walk. Dog friendly. Recommended.
  22. Mowingword Bay – sandy low tide beach, accessed only from sea. No facilities and dog friendly.
  23. Raming Hole- as per 22 above.
  24. Sandy Bay – as per 22.
  25. Broad Haven – lovely wide sandy beach, sheltered. NT Facilities up steepish path or by level path to Bosherton Lakes facilities. Dog friendly. Recommended.
  26. Trefalen – below car park for 25, only low tide sand but popular for jumping off rocks and fishing. Dog friendly.
  27. New Quay Bay – very sheltered, sandy, long, narrow inlet, two families is a crowd. Facilities as for 25 about 15 mins walk. Dog friendly. Recommended.
  28. St Govan’s Cove – stony inlet, accessed by steep steps and clambering over rocks beyond Chapel. Not for access to sea or safe for dogs to play. Free car park.
  29. Bullslaughter Bay – low tide sand only in this rather exposed bay. Access ok through valley. No facilities. Dog friendly.
  30. Flimston Bay – steep access but pretty sandy cove. No facilities, dog friendly.
  31. Frainslake Sands – MOD only.
  32. Freshwater West – lovely long sweep of sandy bay, popular for surfing. Free parking, toilets and peak fast food van. Dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  33. West Angle Bay – smallish sandy crescent bay, sheltered with lovely little lagoon at far end. Free parking, toilets and seasonal cafe. Recommended.
  34. Sandy Haven – sandy inlet, no facilities or visibility from road.
  35. Lindsway Bay – lower tide sandy bay accessed down steep steps. No facilities. Dog friendly.
  36. Dale Pickleridge – mostly stony but with sandy patches of long narrow beach. Not particularly attractive but quiet, free parking, nearest facilities in Dale about half a mile. Good for dog walks. Recommended.
  37. Dale Bay – large bay popular for water sports with narrow stony beach. Facilities. Dog friendly.
  38. Castlebeach Bay – pretty little part sand part stony beach, sheltered. No facilities, dog friendly.
  39. Watwick Bay – pretty sandy cove. No facilities, fairly steep access, dog friendly.
  40. West Dale Bay – sand / stone cove, steep access – facilities in Dale half a mile away. Dog friendly.
  41. Marloes Sands – lovely long stretch of low water sand. No facilities and dog friendly. Recommended.
  42. Albion Sands – only accessible at low water from Marloes, small sandy cove.
  43. Musselwick Sands – lovely sandy beach, accessible by steps etched into rocks. Nearest parking is small lay-by (4 cars) about half a mile up footpath. Dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  44. Little Haven Bay – pretty village with direct access to this popular mostly sandy cove, at low tide access to neighbouring sandy cove. Facilities, dog friendly. Recommended.
  45. Broad Sands, Broadhaven – wide sandy beach running along village with facilities. Part seasonal dog ban. Busy during peak times.
  46. Druidston Haven – lovely remote sandy beach. Dog friendly, parking for a few cars in lay-by at top of footpath up valley.
  47. Nolton Haven – small mostly sandy sheltered cove in small village. Free car park and facilities. Dog friendly.
  48. Newgale Sands – long sandy beach, backed with stony sea defences. No sand at high tide. Car parks and facilities all the way along. Summer dog ban in middle of beach. Highly recommended.
  49. Aber-west – beautiful sandy cove – but you need a kayak to enjoy it!
  50. Porth Gwyn – as for Aber-west.
  51. Gwadn Cove – a small mostly stony cove about half a mile along the coastal path from Solva – no facilities, dog friendly also sheltered swimming.
  52. Solva – pretty little harbour, busy with small craft, river running through. More shingle than sand but very sheltered. Facilities and dog friendly.
  53. Caer Bwdy Bay, St David’s- stoney sheltered swimming cove, sand exposed at low tide.  No facilities and dog friendly.DB6A3353-CF1C-4EA3-8445-5F849EA11181
  54. Caerfai Bay – lovely stretch of sheltered sandy cove as tide recedes ((very small stoney cove at high tide).  Small car park at top otherwise nearest facilities in St David’s a mile away.  Dog friendly.  Highly recommended.CC4CACCC-D194-41E5-91D2-812C167CF335
  55. Porth Clais- long narrow inlet, sheltered, easy access from slip of jumping from harbour wall – no beach as such. NT car park, tea shack and toilets. Dog friendly.
  56. Ogaf Golcha – not much of a beach but popular for swimming off the rocks and sunbathing on the rocks. Remote, nearest facilities at Porthclais about half a mile.
  57. Porthlysgi Bay – mostly stony beach, though sand exposed at lower tides, very sheltered, nice swimming cove. No facilities. Dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  58. St Justinians Beach – a very small mostly stoney cove, shared with the lifeboat station and various sea trip boats.  Worth a mention as very sheltered and clear water once past seaweed.  Few parking spaces at top and small snack shack – steep steps down.031B151A-0381-4F33-A770-87DD75A5A208
  59. Porthselau Beach, Nr St David’s- a pretty sandy cove with rock pools. No facilities but nice and quiet. Dog friendly. Recommended.
  60. Whitesands Bay, nr St David’s – a wide sandy crescent of beach. Car park (£5), toilets and cafe. Summer dog ban.
  61. Porthmelgan Beach, St David’s Head, pretty little sandy cove off the coastal path, just before St David’s Head. Dog friendly but no facilities. Highly recommended.
  62. Abereiddy- sand and stone inlet. Facilities – parking £4! Dog friendly.
  63. Bluepool – just around from Abereiddy- disused gravel pit flooded with sea water. Mostly used as a jumping pool but fairly large area for swimming. Facilities in Abereiddy.
  64. Traeth Llyfn – lovely remote large sandy beach. No facilities (nearest Abereiddy or Porthgain). Steep wooden steps for access. Highly recommended.
  65. Porthgain- small lively harbour, water only accessible at high tide. Facilities and dog friendly.
  66. Abercastle – small NT car park at top of shingle inlet with stream. Dog friendly and nice cove for boating.
  67. Aber Mawr – parking for a couple of cars or a mile or so walk – no other facilities. Dog friendly. Pebble bank with sand revealed at low tide.
  68. Aber Bach – short walk along path from Aber Mawr another shingle beach with low tide sand.
  69. Pwllcrochan – small mostly shingle sheltered cove, access a bit tricky down steep valley path. No facilities for a few miles. Dog friendly.
  70. Fishguard – Some free parking along front, shingle, sheltered beach.  Facilities.  Dog friendly.
  71. Old Port – Pretty little harbour, no beach as such but access to water.  Facilities.
  72. Pwllgwaelod – small coarse sand beach with a pub and not a lot else, sheltered popular for sailing. Dog friendly. Parking up in village half a mile and couple of shops.
  73. Cwm-yr-Eglwys – lovely little remote village, sheltered calm cove with sand a lower tides, great family holiday venue without any fuss. Car park (chargeable or walk down from village at the top of hill). Highly recommended.
  74. Newport – sheltered and shallow inlet, popular for water sports – shoreline shingle with patches of sand, possible to walk to main beach at low tide or good mile walk around inlet. Quiet small pretty town with facilities. Dog friendly.
  75. Newport Sands – main beach on opposite side of river to town, lovely white sand, good surf, dog friendly. Facilities at beach.
  76. Poppit Sands – Lovely sandy beach outside Cardigan.  Facilities.