on Anglesey….

  1. Newborough Forest Sands – fabulous stretch of forest backed sandy beach leading out to Llandwyn Island and Traeth Penrose. This is the busier side as the car park and toilets are here. Facilities and seasonal dog ban on part of the beach. Recommended.
  2. Llandwyn Island – there are little sandy and pebbly coves all around the island. Facilities as for 1. Dog friendly. Recommended.
  3. Traeth Penrhos or Newborough Sands – same facilities for 1 or free parking up off the main road and about a miles walk through the woodlands. Much quieter than the Forest beach and a good mile of sand to enjoy. Dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  4. Aberffraw Sands – half a mile through dunes to reach this deep sandy beach. No facilities but dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  5. Porth Lleidiog- along the CP from Aberffraw this crescent shaped beach is mostly coarse sand with weed covered rocks at low tide. No facilities but dog friendly.
  6. Porth Cwyfan- remote beach, shingle or pebbles with island and church in the middle of the bay – accessible at low tide across a causeway. No facilities but dog friendly.
  7. Porth Terfyn – small part sand and part stone cove, steep access unless from beach 8 at low tide. No facilities but dog friendly.
  8. Cable Bay, Aberffraw – lovely sandy cove, completely sheltered from the elements. Parking but no other facilities. Recommended.
  9. Llydan Beach – coarse sand with large freshwater pool. Popular for surfing. Facilities in Rhosneigr close by.
  10. Rhosneigr – fairly uninspiring village backing onto this fairly uninspiring beach of sand and pebbles. Facilities.
  11. Crygyll Beach – pretty sandy beach in front of Rhosneigr but you have to walk up the sandy inlet for about half a mile to cross the busy river to teach the village beach in no. 10. No facilities but dog friendly.
  12. Cymyran Beach – lovely long white sandy beach, backed with dunes.  Car parking down a rough track past the end of RAF Valley runway.  No facilities.  Dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  13. Rhys-y-Gari – lovely sandy estuary at the north end of 12. Car parking as above. Dog friendly. Recommended.
  14. Silver Bay – lovely white sandy crescent shaped beach. Access through surrounding woodland. Seasonal cafe and toilets. Parking. Dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  15. Borthwen Beach – pretty sheltered white sand bay on edge of small village – great for family holidays and possibly not too manic as no nearby caravan parks. Facilities and dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  16. Porth Castell – Another stunning white sand bay, sheltered from the elements and with lots of little rocky outcrops. Facilities in Trearddur. Dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  17. Porth Diana – replica of 16 – beautiful! Dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  18. Trearddur Bay – a pretty white sand crescent shaped bay just around the corner from 16 & 17 on edge of small village with shops, cafes and parking. Recommended.
  19. Porth-y-Post – part sand and stone little inlet along the stretch from 18 to 21. No facilities but dog friendly.
  20. Porth Corwgl- one of a series of little bays hidden between the rocks along this stretch of coastline- this one with more pebbles than others. No facilities. Dog friendly.
  21. Porth Dafarch – a lovely completely sheltered mostly sand cove in a remote location but with some parking and seasonal facilities. Seasonal dog ban.
  22. Penrhos Beach – crescent of pebbly sand looking out on the Holyhead Ferry Terminals. No facilities, parking and dog friendly as also leads into Penrhos Coastal Park – pretty coastal wooded area. Recommended.
  23. Gorsedd-y-penrhyn – very pretty tree backed strip of lovely soft white sand but bay itself full of seaweed so not for swimmers. No facilities but dog friendly. Recommended.
  24. Beddmanarch Bay – pebbly Bay leading into the inland sea so also muddy in places. Facilities in coastal park at this end. Dog friendly.
  25. Porth Penial Dowyn – long strip of remote part sand and pebbles looking across to Holyhead and island. Not a beach to sit in maybe but good for walking the dog. Parking and shop in Llanfachraeth about a mile and half over marshy scrubland. At lower tides the beach is quite muddy. Dog friendly.
  26. Porth Penrhyn-Mawr – just along CP from 25 with just a couple of farm buildings along the top – again great for the dog. No facilities.
  27. Sandy Beach / Porth Tywyn-Mawr a lovely long white sandy beach, quite remote apart from Holiday Park. Highly recommended.
  28. Porth Trefadog – remote part sand part pebbly beach in a string along this section of Coastal Path from 27 to 31. No facilities but dog friendly
  29. Porth Trwyn – as for 28.
  30. Cable Bay – as for 28.
  31. Church Bay – NT car park and cafe just above this lovely sheltered sandy cove. No beach at high tide. Think it might have a seasonal dog ban! Recommended.
  32. Village Beach, Cemaes as for 33.
  33. Harbour Beach, Cemaes with 32 & 34 all clustered around a lovely sheltered bay, all with soft white sand, some pebbles and plenty of firm sand at low tides. Bay sheltered and clear for swimming. Parking and facilities in this small coastal town. Seasonal dog ban on part of beach.
  34. Cemaes Bay – as above. Highly recommended.
  35. Porth Padrig – just along the coastal path from 34 a lovely secluded sheltered sandy cove. No immediate facilities though small car park above. Dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  36. Porth Llanlleiana – very remote pretty pebble beach with ruins of Porcelain Works. No facilities but dog friendly. Recommended.
  37. Porth Wen Bay – like 36 above worth the walk for the picturesque ruins rather than the beaches them selves. Pink pebble beach. No facilities but dog friendly. Recommended.
  38. Bull Bay – a pretty village bay full of promise at high tide but rather rocky covered with seaweed at low tide apart from small shingle beach. Facilities but dog friendly.
  39. Porto Bello – Low tide sands at mouth of estuary. No facilities but dog friendly.
  40. Traeth-yn-Ora. – lovely remote white sandy beach on a section of coastal path along with 41, 42 & 43. Dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  41. Porth-y-Mor – this beach is more pebbly than sandy.
  42. Lligwy Bay – largest and most popular of these 4 beaches. Parking and seasonal facilities here. Dog friendly. Recommended.
  43. Porth Forllwyd – appeared to be private access only?
  44. Bychan Beach – two adjacent coves joined at lower tides. Part sand and part pebbly with small village and sailing club behind so may be busy in summertime. Facilities and dog friendly.
  45. Benllech Sands – fab long stretch of sandy beach with some high tide soft white sand and pebble patches. Facilities and seasonal dog ban on part of beach. Highly recommended.
  46. Red Wharf Bay – wide sandy estuary with lovely walk around edges and accessible. Busy pub and some parking on Benllech side. Dog friendly. Recommended.