on the Gower Peninsula….

  1. Swansea Bay – a surprisingly nice long stretch of sandy beach hidden from the city by an embankment with a nice wide walkway. Facilities and seasonal dog ban on parts.
  2. Mumbles Head – small sand and pebble beach. Facilities on Mumbles Head or along promenade towards Swansea. Dog friendly.
  3. Bracelet Bay – series of pretty little part sandy coves on the series of Mumbles Head islets.
  4. Limeslade Bay – small sandy strip only exposed at low tide. No photo.
  5. Rotherslade Bay – pretty sandy cove. Facilities and seasonal dog ban.
  6. Langland Bay – pretty sandy bay. Cafe and parking, otherwise remote. Seasonal dog ban.
  7. Caswell Bay – remote pretty sandy cove – parking and cafe – seasonal dog ban. Recommended.
  8. Pwlldu Bay – what a find a lovely remote pebble backed sandy cove with sheltered turquoise seas. No facilities but dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  9. Pobbles Beach – stunning bay about a mile from NT car park and facilities in Southgate. Dog friendly and highly recommended.
  10. Three Cliffs Bay – through an arch at low tide or over the dunes from Pobbles Beach a large sandy inlet with river running through. No facilities. Dog friendly and recommended.
  11. Great Tor Bay – far end of Oxwich Bay – much quieter and dog friendly, parking and cafe at Oxwich. Recommended.
  12. Oxwich Bay – very popular sand beach with sheltered shallow waters. Parking (expensive), cafe and toilets. Beachside Hotel.
  13. Port Eynon Bay – lovely but very popular sheltered sandy cove. Facilities and seasonal dog ban.
  14. Port Eynon Point – small little sandy cove just tucked away from main beach. Dog friendly.
  15. Mewslade Bay – pretty remote sandy cove. Steep access. No facilities but dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  16. Fall Bay – again remote and therefore quieter with steep access but plenty of low tide sand. Dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  17. Rhossili Bay – very popular and stunning long sandy beach – quieter as you leave facilities behind. Dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  18. Llangennith Bay – quieter more remote end of Rhossili, no facilities but dog friendly. Recommended.
  19. Burry Holms Beach – pretty little sandy cove just around Burry Holms Point, only accessible as the tide recedes. No facilities but dog friendly. Recommended.
  20. Bluepool Corner – only accessible at lower tides from Broughton Bay or Burry Holms. Sandy cove with natural jumping pool in the rocks at one end. No facilities but dog friendly. Recommended.
  21. Broughton Bay – long stretch of dune backed sandy beach quite remote apart from south end where there is a campsite. Rest of beach pretty deserted. Shallows very warm but water a bit silty as influenced by estuary. No facilities but dog friendly. Highly recommended.
  22. Whiteford Sands – lovely long extension to Broughton Bay with white sand dunes and Whiteford Burrows Nature Reserve woodlands behind. No facilities but dog friendly. Parking about a mile from beach. Highly recommended.
  23. Loughor Beach – a small inland bit of sand at the mouth of the Loughor Estuary – muddy river and fairly small. No facilities but dog friendly and near a village.