in Cumbria…..

  1. Far Arnside – a pretty pebble beach – sand exposed at low tide but as with all this area fast incoming tides and currents make it unsafe for swimming. Exclusive holiday park above so probably busy in holidays. No facilities but dog friendly.
  2. New Barn, Arnside – nice bit of exposed sand at lower tides but fast incoming tide and fast flowing river. Seasonal facilities and dog friendly.
  3. Arnside – muddy and very tidal – good for walking, nice village. Facilities and dog friendly. Great walks along shore and through woods.
  4. Sandside – really just a strip of safe sand for walking on but plenty of space at low tides. Facilities and dog friendly.
  5. Milnthorpe Sands – a wide stretch of mostly inaccessible muddy sands stretching along the inner reaches of the Kent Channel. Not safe to explore. No facilities.
  6. Grange-over-Sands – mostly marshland but nice walk along promenade. Facilities and dog friendly.
  7. Humphrey Head- not really a beach, mostly marshlands with some accessible low tide sands. No facilities but dog friendly.
  1. Greenodd Sands
  2. Haverigg – lovely stretch of dune backed part sandy part marshy with quite a lot of stones. Dunes great for dog walking. Facilities in village and dog friendly.
  3. Drigg Point – at end of 11, nice dune backed beach, very remote. Estuary is tidal and fast flowing. No facilities.
  4. Drigg Dunes and Nature Reserve – 2.5 mile stretch of mostly sandy, dune backed beach. Plenty of stony patches and water pools. No facilities and a bit of free parking at end of Drigg road.
  5. Drigg – long mostly sand beach leading on to Seascale. Some stony outcrops. Parking but no facilities. Dog friendly.
  6. Seascale – dune and pebble backed sandy beach, quiet away from village. Facilities and dog friendly.
  7. St Bees – stone backed sandy beach with groins. Quiet away from village. Part dog ban. Facilities.
    Whitehaven South Beach – pebbly beach south of town. Facilities in town and dog friendly.
    Whitehaven Harbour beach – lovely sandy beach inside outer harbour walls. As for 15.
    Whitehaven North Beach – mostly pebbly beach – see 15.
    Harrington Beach – a smallish patch of sand exposed at low tide, nice open parkland above and plenty of parking. Few facilities in village. Dog friendly.
    Workington South Beach- stony stretch of beach with open parkland above so ideal for dog walking but not for beaching! Parking but no other facilities close by.
    Workington North Beach – mostly stony and a lot of weed, some sand exposed at low tide but not very appealing – dog friendly. No facilities.
    Parton Beach – mostly stony small rather scruffy cove with a river running through middle – dog friendly and parking no other facilities.
    Maryport – beyond the town this partly sandy beach is exposed at low tide, lots of exposed red sandstone and rock pools, great for dog walking, concrete promenade along top. Facilities in town.
    Allonby Bay – 5.5 miles sweep of pebble and sandy bay – quiet away from village. Facilities in village. Dog friendly.
    Bowness-on-Solway – miles of sandy estuary accessible by crossing marshland or from village centre. Fast incoming tides. Facilities and bit of parking in village, more along coast road. Dog friendly.