in Devon (south coast)….

from Dawlish Warren to Dartmouth….

  1. Dawlish Warren – very busy natural spit of mostly sandy beach, seasonal dog ban on parts.  Facilities.Dawlish Warren
  2. Dawlish – long, thin orangy coarse sand with stoney back, mostly dissappears with the tide.  Facilities in Dawlish.  Railway line runs beside footpath at top of beach. Dog friendly.Dawlish Beach
  3. Paignton – long strip of coarse, teracotta colour sand, with promenade running along the back, sea sort of orangy colour too!  Facilities.  Town a bit run down.Paington
  4. Brixham – mostly harbour in town with small Breakwater Beach at south end of harbour.  Mostly shingle.Breakwater Beach, Brixham
  5. St Mary’s Bay, Brixham- round Berry Head sits quiet crescent shaped stoney and sandy beach, no facilities, dog friendly.  Recommend.St Mary's Bay, Brixham
  6. Man Sands, Hillhead – sand and stone beach (sand only at lower tides), dog friendly, no facilities though very small NT car park nearby.  Recommend.Man Sands, Hillhead
  7. Sacabbacombe Sands – sand only exposed at lower tides, otherwise stoney, access down steps from coastal path.  No facilities nearby.Scabbacombe Sands
  8. Sugary Cove, Dartmouth – small delightful little cove just beyond Dartmouth Castle, access down steepish steps, dog friendly.  Facilities at Castle not far away.39CDCF67-5EDD-4C55-A38D-912814B1D68E