in Somerset….

  1. Bossington – long stretch of pebbly beach, quite hard to walk on. Dog friendly. Cafe, toilets and NT car park in village about half a mile away.
  2. Selworthy Sands – not easily accessible and sand only at low tide. No facilities close by. Walk from Selworthy or Bossington.
  3. Minehead- grubby looking sandy, deep crescent, sheltered beach. Facilities in town. Seasonal dog ban.
  4. Dunster beach – long stretch of mostly sandy beach at low tide, with pebble bank. Seasonal dog ban on parts. Facilities on holiday park.
  5. Blue Anchor Bay – long strip of part sand part pebbly beach, continuation of Dunster Beach. Free parking, cafes and toilets. Good for dog walking. Recommended.
  6. Watchet – small stony beach. Facilities in town. Dog friendly.
  7. Helwell Bay – mix of pebbles, sharpish stones, sand and mud – famous for fossils. Facilities in Watchet half a mile away. Dog friendly.
  8. Doniford Bay – just the other end of Helwell Bay, same sand / mud and pebbly beach. Small car park very well hidden in Doniford. Facilities in holiday camp.
  9. Burnham-on-Sea – an extension to Berrow Flats below – sandy beach, long low tide, muddy closer to sea. Nice esplanade along the top. Seasonal dog ban in parts. Facilities of town.
  10. Berrow Flats – 6 mile stretch of sandy beach, watch out for sinking sand and mud at low tide. Dog friendly. Various facilities in Brean and Berrow. Beach recommended (area not).
  11. Uphill Bay – first stretch of Weston-Super-Mare beach, largely dedicated to sand and wind sports such as Kite Karting. Dog friendly, quieter than rest of beach. Recommended.
  12. Weston-super-Mare- long sandy beach, some mud at low tide. Seasonal dog ban on part of beach. Busy with lots of sports played on beach. Facilities of town. Recommended.
  13. Glentworth Bay – small sandy cove at north end of Weston-Super-Mare with large marine lake for swimming. Dogs banned. Facilities of town close by.
  14. Sand Bay – long sandy beach, some pebbles and marshland at north end. Same long tide and mud exposed. Dog friendly. Small free car park and NT right at north end. Couple of cafes and toilets.
  15. Middle Hope – small, remote pebbly cove. NT car park at Sand Point. No facilities. Dog friendly.
  16. Woodspring Bay – mostly muddy and marshy bay. No facilities.